• 2014
    • Tanya Hayek

    Bana, the brainchild of Tanya Hayek, was born on a sunny beach day. It's a cool story portraying the impact of small creative ideas: "I was going to the beach with my friends and felt like my outfit was missing something, but couldn't find out what it was. I had too many vintage sunglasses at home and wanted to revamp one of them. And as I opened my accessory box where I keep stuff I buy and stuff I get from my grandma, I started mixing and matching buttons, flowers and mini heart pearls; and stuck them on the sunglasses. It fitted perfectly anything I would wear. I never thought of making it a business until the day my 2 best friends told me it would be huge success. And it was!". Tanya improvises to get something different each time. And that, we can see through the uniqueness of each pair.

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