• 2008
    • Himaya NGO
    • On a national level, Himaya has become an important player in the field of child protection as it has closely collaborated with several Lebanese ministries of which the ministry of social affairs, education, justice, interior and telecommunication.

    Himaya launched with a controversial media campaign aimed to break the taboo surrounding child sexual abuse especially incest and risky environments. The organization continued to grow as it responded to child protection needs on a national level and in order ensure the achievement of its mission, Himaya works not only with the child but also with his family and environment as a whole. Striving for change on a national level in order to improve the lives
of children in Lebanon. Himaya covers several areas in Lebanon including Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the North, and the Bekaa with continuous plans of expansion to other regions. Himaya also created a shelter that can host up to 30 children whose life at home is in danger. This shelter offers a safe environment for males and females aged between 12 and 18 years old who not only benefit from the stability and care they need in order to bloom into healthy young adults but are constantly followed up by psychologists and social workers who work on individualized life plans for each child. Himaya also provides education, medical support and recreational activities to the beneficiaries of the shelter. In order to achieve social change, Himaya builds awareness campaigns, creates fundraising events, as well as advocate and lobby for the amendment of child protection laws.

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