• 2011
    • Mirahayek

    Born in the 1980’s and obsessed with geometric shapes and motifs, Mira Hayek is a Beirut based, contemporary ready-to-wear designer. After studying Graphic Design at the Lebanese American University, she moved to Milan where she studied Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni. She then pursued her masters in Fashion and Textile Design at Istituo Europeo di Design. Mira has also interned at the atelier of Elie Saab in Beirut and Erdem in London. But all these efforts did not go to waste: in 2011, Mira was selected by the STARCH Foundation in Beirut to launch her first ready-to-wear collection. From here started the story of mirahayek, a brand dedicated to dynamic women with an effortless sense of style. Each of the collections is unique and inspired by vivid themes drawn from contemporary to street art. But the story is not done, Mira is pursuing wider horizons: soon, the brand will also include designs for men.

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