Raissa T.

    • Raissa Traboulsi

    While pursuing her Business Administration degree from AUB, Raissa T. aspired to be a jewelry designer. Her diploma in hand, she joined a workshop where she had the opportunity to improve her know-how in the field of jewelry making, get invaluable exposure to the domain, learn important skills and gain more experience. In parallel, she enrolled in HRD (Antwerp World Diamond Center) in order to get a Diploma in diamonds and color stones grading. Eager to develop a sharper expertise, she moved to New York City, joining the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, where she sucsessfully obtained her diploma in Jewelry Design. The refined finishing of her actual line and its creative designs have allowed Raissa T. to gain a growing success with a wide range of clientele. Her unique pieces of creation can be found at various exhibitions and points of sale.

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