Rana' S

    • 2007
    • Rana Shallah
    • Awarded the Diploma of “Certified Diamond Grader” and the Certificate of “Gemstone Identification” from H.R.D. Institute.

    Driven by an immense curiosity for gems, Rana has graduated from the H.R.D Institute with a Bachelor's degree in Gemology. Her love for jewelry saw no limits, so she kept feeding her passion through workshops around the subject. When the war broke in Lebanon in 2006, Rana moved to Aleppo where she started "Rana'S", her own line of jewelry designs made from gold-plated silver and semi-precious stones. Seeing the appreciation and praise her creations received from people around her, she pursued her flair for design and got introduced to the Falamank workshop, where old jewelery designs were made from oxidized silver with stones cut in the old traditional way. Her pieces are inspired by vintage jewelry designs and are recreated with an added touch of modernity.

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