Sage + Uniforms

    • 2013
    • George Torbey & Hadi Hazim
    • Aim to reduce waste and to support sustainability: Their creations are packaged in pouches that can be recycled and reused as a coin purse and much more. Their 3D printing technique only uses the precise amount of material needed (never excess). Their bullet cases are all reclaimed 9mm bullets.

    SAGE + UNIFORMS is a Lebanese fashion brand that is inspired by the surrounding environment and the collective consciousness of the people that bore consequences of cultural diversity, political unrest, and war. The brand aims to communicate a message of peace, and was conceived for the creative and daring people. Crafted in the tiny city of Beirut, its pieces are of an urban feel executed with new technologies and artisan craftsmanship. Hadi Hazim & Georges Torbey, the designers behind the brand, are both LAU graduates with a grand love for arts and design especially. Whenever a Bullet V1 or Bullet V2 pieces are bought, 10% is donated to the Lebanese Army.

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