Scene Beirut

    • 2011
    • Céline Khairallah

    In love with the hectic city that is our capital Beirut, Celine Khairallah, the brains behind the brand has started designing T-Shirts, bags and scarves in 2011, merging modern lifestyle with local culture. Celine did not stop there, she expanded her collection to include home accessories. “ SCENE - Beirut” is a brand coming out of the city, inspired by the urban life, the heritage and aspirations of the people of Beirut, still, aiming to respond to universal values and needs. Some of the elements used in her designs are part of the Lebanese heritage or common oriental culture. And just like Celine said: "Beirut, the center of inspiration for the brand, is far from being a perfect city; yet, it charms everyone.

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