The All Time Lebelik Classics!

Lebelik is a family that celebrates innovation;

  Traditions that mix & match with new trends;

Emerging creative designers;

Love of craftsmanship;

With over 100 Lebanese designers to date, Lebelik is proudly and happily home of Lebanon’s most talented designers with around 2500 items across a versatile range of products.

Let’s start with our classics, follow up by celebrating our emerging designers and design and end up in style by locating and discovering future members of our forever growing family.

Through it all, we always had a heart warming crush for our old Time Lebelik classics which represent the products we launched our website with and are today, what we call our ” Timeless Pieces”

So many more products to showcase with you, on a weekly basis on our blog platform.



This statement clutch is miniature version of the traditional Mediterranean backgammon board, and is a true manifestation of exquisite traditional craftsmanship. It showcases a centuries-old technique called marquetry where pieces of different types of wood are applied to a wood veneer to form mosaics, decorative patterns, and geometric shapes. A pair of solid metal bronze-colored dice that serves as claps which adds the perfect finishing touch.

The clutch includes a small separate leather cardholder.
Check out the rest of Sarah’s Bag Collection to complete your look.

Gold Khaizaran Cuff



A mix of oriental and contemporary design,  inspired by everyday objects that can be found in traditional Lebanese homes and by the designer’s childhood summers spent in the mountains of Lebanon.

A stylish Cuff that can be paired with any outfit in any occasion.
Check out the rest of Alexandra Hakim’s Collection for more stunning designs.


Created by Joe Arida, “La Terre est folle” was launched through the designer’s love for fabrics. Abayas are  mostly inspired by Yves Saint Laurent but also by the madness of the world, his travels, Beirut’s character, mythology, nature, people and strong women.

More Products from La Terre Est Folle

 Beirut Sneakers

by Boho


Beirut sneakers embody the bohemian chic lifestyle.

Quick anecdote! Rania Tueni-Gebara, creative director of the shoe brand, gave birth to Boho when she realized that her wedding’s location would be problematic for her female guest; seeing as it was located on the top of a steep hill. She then provided the guests with comfy leather sandal that she designed. To her surprise, her problem-solving designs turned out to be a huge hit and everyone was asking more! And here we are sharing with you her latest.

More Products from Boho



Luanatic, the Lebanese slang visual artist surely changed our perception of our native Lebanese language. Luana el Turk, the designer behind Luanatic, lived abroad for a while and that’s when she realized that very few people where able to pick up on the Lebanese slang. Seeing how special that was, she decided to have fun by mixing quirky illustrations with Lebanese idioms. And Luanatic was born! She gave our slogans a whole new meaning of funky and hip, she made it more present in our daily lives by having it printed on mugs, bags, wooden posters, wall stickers and greeting cards. We certainly are proud of our weird and unusual vocabulary and can definitely have a few laughs about ourselves.

More Products from Luanatic

So many more products to showcase with you, on a weekly basis on our blog platform.

Let’s start with our classics, follow up by celebrating our emerging designes and help us locate and search for the future members of our forever growing family




Lebelik doesn’t only suit women anymore ! Now, it’s time to pamper man too.

Lebelak is here to cater man in terms of love for Fashion, design, craftsmanship and gifting.



& Superfast,

let Lebelak be your number one online platform

for all that blends authenticity with innovation and creativity.

Abou El Abed Iphone Cover

by Luanatic


Zahhet Iphone Cover

by Luanatic


Chufimafi Hoodie

by Luanatic


Habibi Hoodie

by Luanatic


White T-shirt x Green Beirut

by Boshies


Black T-shirt With Red hob

by Boshies


The Multicolor Jacket Shirt



The Hoodie Sweater Shirt



The Black Arm Pocket Shirt



Zahhet Hoodie

by Luanatic


Moustache Socks



Ahwe Socks



Tarbouch Socks



Your beauty routine starts NOW! With Pô Cosmétiques 🌱

Natural Products


Hydrated Skin


Radient Glow


Dermatological Excellence


Healthy, youthful fine lines


All with Pô Cosmétiques



Pô Cosmétiques at a glance

Professional skincare line developed by dermatologists with 35+ years of clinical experience and decades of research in anti-aging and skin healing.

Formulations work to correct existing fine lines and wrinkles, prevent future aging signs, moisturize and restore your skin’s natural glow.

Products range  meticulously designed to answer everyday skin concerns, to meet the needs of different skin types and to cater for all age groups.

Their Story

In the 1980s, a young physician carving her path to become a renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in the Middle East, conducted extensive studies on the different skin types and their respective needs.

After years of research and development, a complete range of products was created using the finest compounds. They were marketed under ARC, Pô Cosmétiques’ parent company, and only made available to private patients.

In 2016, one of the dermatologist’s daughters pursued the dream of launching a new brand available to all. With the help of her mother & her sister, a dermatologist herself, they established Pô Cosmétiques.






The Anti-Aging Day Serum


What it is: Pure Vitamin C 15%

What it does: It promotes collagen production, protects your skin from sun damage, speeds up healing, improves hydration and moisture, brightens your skin, reduces inflammation

How to use: Apply on face, neck and chest on a daily basis for aging prevention


The Anti-Aging Night Serum




 What it does: Along with the Anti-Aging Cream (which is retinoid acid), strongest proven anti-aging. Using both will reduce your fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of weeks

How to use: Apply on face, neck and chest on a bi-weekly basis for both anti-aging and aging prevention


The Anti-Aging Cream:


What it is: Retinoic Acid

What it does: Along with the Anti-Aging Night Serum (which is AHA), strongest proven anti-aging. Using both will reduce your fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of weeks

How to use: Apply on face, neck and chest every night for both anti-aging and aging prevention

PS: it’s available in 3 different formats for different skin types


The Hydrating Cream


What it is: Strong Moisturizer

What it does: 1) It is important to keep your skin hydrated to prevent dryness; dryness accelerates aging of skin.

2) When using an anti-aging routine, it’s important to add hydrating as the 2 proven anti-aging components (above) will need to you to moisturize your skin

How to use: Apply on face, neck and chest every night or morning for both anti-aging and aging prevention

PS: it’s available in 2 different formats for different skin types. Hydrating for a mixed skin can cause acne breakouts so having the right moisturizer for this type of skin is very important to prevent it.


🌱    🌱    🌱    🌱   🌱   🌱   🌱   🌱


🆕 Because all fabulous festivities need some after pampering, New Year means New Arrivals !

Ouyouni Ring
by Nada Zeineh

Ouyouni Bracelet
by Nada Zeineh

Ouyouni Earrings
by Nada Zeineh

Small Hearts
by Vanina

Maxi Holidays Hoops
by Vanina

Choki Ring Large
by Albi

Choki Peaking Cuff
by Albi

by Nad de Paris, Inquiries on

+961 76 661 369


by Nad de Paris, Inquiries on

+961 76 661 369





Liberte Sweater
by Boshies

Beirut Gray Sweater
by Boshies

Sleeveless Long Dress
by Mojo Collection

One Shoulder Top
by Mojo Collection

by Jessica K

Inquiries on

+961 76 661 369

by Jessica K
Inquiries on
+961 76 661 369
Jacket Gold Dress
by Martha Fadel

Fringes Jacket
by Martha Fadel

by Vanina

Inquiries on

+961 76 661 369


Tissue Box Village
by Bayt -lb

Triple Candle Village
by Bayt -lb

Oil And Vinegar Holder
by Bayt -lb


The Hydrating Cream
by Pô Cosmétiques
The Anti-Aging Day Serum
by Pô Cosmétiques
The Anti-Aging Nigt Serum
by Pô Cosmétiques

Your New Year’s Outfit with Lebelik ★

Who do you want to be for New Year’s eve?

A Queen of hearts

A Golden girl

A Shining woman

A woman in red

& many more

Start your year right with a statement outfit from Lebelik

Here’s our selection

Long Fringe Skirt

by Martha Fadel

One Shoulder Top

by Mojo Collection


Finch Top

by Jessica K


Team it up with statement earrings by Jessica K



Inquiries on +961 76 661 369

Ruffle Shirt Blazer

by Frock


Team it up with a dashing headbands by Sophia Beirut


The Silver and Gold Queen Of Hearts




by Elsa Osta

$170.00 Shirt

Nad de Paris earrings

Inquiries on +961 76 661 369



by Vanina

Inquiries on +961 76 661 369

Team it up with shiny accessories by Vanina



Two Color Sleeve Abaya

by La Terre Est Folle



& of course, sparkly shoes & clutches to end your look!

Bootie Glitter

by Boho


Queen Classic

by Sarah’s Bag


Our Very Merry Christmas dinner with Mrs Clueless


Together with Mrs. Clueless, Lebelik wants to share a love for delicious meals and table art expertise.

Christmas is the perfect time…

To celebrate love

To celebrate family

To celebrate friends

To create stories & memories that will last forever

… with the most magical table art over a delicious meal


For those who didn’t follow, Lebelik Teamed up with Mrs Clueless to create the perfect Christmas dinner set up.



Chestnut soup with croutons

Salmon quiche

Roasted Chicken

White Christmas cake




Il était une fois Beirut standalone word & thin vases


Rhea Fayad ceramic bowls

Bkerzay ceramic bowl for the soup


Images d’Orient Plates

Il était une fois coasters 


+961 76 661 369

or by email

[email protected]

Better Yet, check our home section here 


Your Lebelik outfit just in time for Christmas

Sparkles & Shiny textures

Dashing Accessories

Dreamy Dresses

A sneak peek at our Christmas Shoot


                                                                                          Earrings by Elsa Osta

   Dress by Vanina

   Bag by Vanina

 Ring by Nada Zeineh

            Abaya by La Terre Est Folle


Bracelets by  Elsa Osta

Dress by Jessica K

Earrings by Vanina


Jacket by

Earrings by Nad de Paris


   Dress by Jessica K


Skirt by Vanina



We promise we’ll never tell ★

It’s the magic feel of Christmas time,

It’s the warmth we feel in our hearts,

It’s the stars we see in the eyes,

It’s the season for gifts,

But not any gifts,

A gift made with love & care.

Provided to you by Lebelik

Shop our Secret Santa collection, all for less than 40$


For the love of a good wine

Falala wine bag by Papelon


To your friend that is always cold

Socks by Sikasok


To pamper their home

Beirut Arabic Calligraphy Cushion by Scene Beirut


To make their mornings bright

Luanatic Mug


To the one whose cover is outdated

Luanatic Cover


For all the mamas and papas out there

Luanatic Onesie


Put a ring on it

Albi ring



For the love of nice words




To the ones who are more obsessed with Beirut than we are

Papelon set of three Bouyout Beirut postcards


To all the Capricorns out there

Papelon 18 blue party candles


To all the new drivers out there

Images d’Orient Key holder


To the ones who love flowers



To your funkiest friends

Sarah’s bag bonjus Ananas


To the ones who miss summer…

Lara Batrouni schell necklance


To the ones you miss

Luanatic Tote bag


To customize a special box

Beirut je t’aime evil eye box


For the love of hoops

Albi earrings



To keep them warm this winter

Luanatic sweatshirt


To all the sleepy heads out there





♡ My Third Chapter

A new website for the first page of a new chapter of that same book!


Today, with the help of talented young men and woman, I start a new project. One that was, kind of, always here!


The first readers of this website will most probably be those who I have known for a while and who have shared with me the ups and downs, beautiful surprises, interesting encounters, tears and adventures of Lebelik.

Some of you may also be aware of the fact that I used to have a charming blog that I stopped writing in a while ago for many stupid reasons.


So for those of you who don’t know me (and I would be thrilled if my first post is read by a lot of new faces), I have founded, with my twin brother, a lovely website aimed at selling and promoting Lebanese designers and their creations online. I consider the last five years invested in Lebelik, an adorable success, an interesting learning curve and definitely an inseparable part of the person I am today.


Today, we are releasing the 3rdversion of Lebelik, a concept that aims at giving a voice and an exposure to the designs of my country, Lebanon, but also that sets eyes on the little things that make us who we are on all the different levels.


The blog section is probably the one where I will be spending most of my time on.

I will let you discover the other ones where we will always do our best to properly portray and capture the essence of our Lebanese lifestyles through our creations.


Yours sincerely,


From Beirut,



👠 FW18 Fashion Trends

Dictated by the biggest fashion houses in the world, strut down in cities’ major runways, wrote about in the most exclusive fashion magazines and of course, produced and twisted by our dearest Lebanese designers, here are FW18’s boldest and trendiest looks to date.


Metally & Glossy Materials



Puffy & Oversized

Animal Print



Fall Winter 2018 takes fashion back to the 80’s, re-defining elegant and confident looks though exaggerated lines, metallic effects, leather animal prints, puffy and oversized jackets & of course lots and lots of accessories.


As seen on the runways


To Shop on Lebelik

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  1. Leather

  1. Checks

  1. Puffy & Oversized

  1. Animal Print

  1. Accessories for days


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