Sophia Beirut

Sophia Beirut
Sophia Beirut

Sophia is a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in Art Direction and in Events & Public Relations.
As a young, ambitious & modern woman, the creative director and designer, sought to develop a brand that not only represents who she is as a woman, but who she aspires to become. From her sisters, aunts and mother, Sophia was always well surrounded & supported, and in 2016 she developed her namesake brand that could offer the same back to society. And so began the story of Sophia Beirut.

Each collection tells a unique story, driven by vast inspirations but serving the same purpose – to ensure that the women who wear these designs feel and look their absolute best.

Sophia Beirut, an affordable luxury jewelry label, was conceived out of Sophia’s aspiration to create a tool for the women around her to feel empowered and in turn empower others. Being born in France, Sophia aspired to create a brand that merges her experience growing up in one of the most renowned cultural & artistic hubs, all while celebrating her heritage as an Arab woman & supporting the local artisanship of her homeland; Beirut.

It has been an incredible journey so far and we have a long way to go. We look forward to creating more beautiful memories with you!

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Mykonos Scrunchie
38.40 $
Ibiza Scrunchie
30.40 $
Gabrielle Headband
79.20 $
Seychelles Headband
111.20 $
Ibiza Headband
47.20 $
Hamptons Headband
63.20 $
Bali Headband
55.20 $
Paris Hoops
85.00 $
105.00 $
119.00 $
105.00 $
179.00 $
139.00 $

Sophia Beirut

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