Established in Beirut, in 2020, Tafta is a label centered around women’s intimate wear and accessories. Tafta balances the different elements of design and production, to make sure women can achieve a maximum level of comfort, without compromising the aesthetic. The current product range includes robes, pouches and intimate wear separates such as shorts, pants and tops.

The Tafta robe was carefully stitched, tried, tested, ripped, and stitched again to ensure it fits a wide range of sizes comfortably. The choice of fabric ranges from linens, to cottons, chiffons, silks and viscose. The majority of robes can be worn inside, but also outside the house (read: poolside). We leave it entirely up to you to make that decision.

The Tafta pouches, another staple from the brand, come in two shapes with inside lining, for the clumsy ones out there who continuously spill their creams in their make-up bags.

These are the details which make Tafta a customer-centric brand, highly focused on the comfort and beauty of the item, while maintaining its intended functionality.