FW18 Fashion Trends

Dictated by the biggest fashion houses in the world, strut down in cities’ major runways, wrote about in the most exclusive fashion magazines and of course, produced and twisted by our dearest Lebanese designers, here are FW18’s boldest and trendiest looks to date.


Metally & Glossy Materials



Puffy & Oversized

Animal Print



Fall Winter 2018 takes fashion back to the 80’s, re-defining elegant and confident looks though exaggerated lines, metallic effects, leather animal prints, puffy and oversized jackets & of course lots and lots of accessories.


As seen on the runways


To Shop on Lebelik

  1. Metally and Glossy materials

  1. Leather

  1. Checks

  1. Puffy & Oversized

  1. Animal Print

  1. Accessories for days


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