Nothing like drinking a warm Lebanese cup of coffee,

surrounded by your dearest friends and a bit of chitchatting to make your day go better.

Did you know ? Lebanese coffee, derived from Turkish coffee is made unfiltered using the finest ground coffee beans.

Did you know?

Lebanese coffee is loaded with antioxidants

Reduces risks of diabetes

Has less caffeine than coffee beans.


1 – Pour in cold water in the coffee pot (rakweh)

You should use one cup of cold water for each cup you are making .

2- Add a teaspoonful of the ground coffee per cup in the water while the water is cold and stir.


Here are some cups for your Lebanese coffee !

Set of Six Unique Traditional Set Coffee

by Dessine-Moi Un Oeil




Set of Six Unique Traditional Coffee Cups

by Dessine-Moi Un Oeil


Round Tin Box 4 Levels Birds of Paradise

by Images d’Orient


Round Tin Box 2 Levels Kaokab

by Images d’Orient


Tin Box With 4 Coffee Cups Porcelain Andalusia – 60ml

by Images d’Orient


The Eye Coffee Cups Set Of 6

by Badera’s Artcrafts & Painting



Royal Blue Calligraphy Coffee Set Of 6

by Badera’s Artcrafts & Painting



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