Sun is shining


Flowers are blooming


Beach, sand, perfect tans


Sleepless nights & sparkly days


Let the vacations begin, always in perfect style !

Daisies Gold Base Summer Hat by KnitKnot $60.00

Heart Popup Brown Base Summer Hat by KnitKnot $50.00

T-shirt Embroidery V Neckline by FRACSHION $30.00

Cubic Top by Martha Fadel $290.00

Marine Coral Print Top by Jessica K $195.00

One Shoulder Floral Top by Sara Melki $450.00 Monika Headband by Sophia Beirut $95.00

U Crop Top by Martha Fadel $210.00

Hibiscus White Skirt by Jessica K $230.00

Beach Skirt by Mirahayek $250.00

Pants for You by Mojo Collection $350.00

BENTAL 02 – LINEN TROUSERS | SAND DUNES by Nour Hage $315.00

Universal Love Pouch by Sarah’s Bag $200.00

Feather Fuschia Slides by Boho $120.00

Starburst Long Sleeve Kaftan by Mojo Beach $420.00


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