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“When I arrived, I was surprised to see how wonderful it felt. The moment I got out of the plane, I felt the city’s energy and beauty, and that Beirut is the center of the world and the jewel of the Arab world and the Middle East,” Mohammad Hadid, An-Nahar, Jan 2018.


Where to?



The city of sun




♡ Overview & Fast facts

Tyre/Sour is a district capital in the South Governorate of Lebanon. It extends from the coast of the Mediterranean and is located about 80 km south of Beirut. The name of the city means rock after the rocky formation on which the town was originally built. Tyre is an ancient Phoenician city and is the fourth largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, Tripoli and Sida. Tyre is also home to one of the nation’s major ports and holds tourism as a major economic activity.


♡ Jewels of Tyre

Glass blowing heritage

The olive mill of maarakeh



Roman necropolis


♡ Our journey


Al-Yasmine Guesthouse

Ravishing setting: the houses surround a lake occupied by two black swans and a family of ducks, a playground for children, a restaurant, a pergola and an equestrian field. The view was also astonishing: the roof overlooks over most of the guesthouse and a mountain-field. The colors seen were a mix of different shades of green, pink, red and blue. The flora was ravishing: they seemed like they were from a painting. Indeed, the

scene was truly hard to neglect and forget.



 Crystal-clear sea, rays of sun and rocky surroundings. The beach was calm and too blue to be true, which made it extremely difficult not to jump in and spend the day at the beach. Unfortunately, our visit in Naqoura didn’t last long due to the extreme hot weather. We snapped some pictures all whilst contemplating the view then

hopped back in the car onto our next destination.


Ruins of Tyre

 The town of Tyre was part of the Roman world.  Before that time, the city was conquered by Alexander the Great. Before that, it was a Phoenician city. After Alexander the Great, Tyre was under the Roman Empire and thus, ended up with having two different architectural landscapes; the causeway starts with a Roman architecture and ends with a Byzantine architecture.


Le Phenicien

 It didn’t take much time to find and get to Le Phénicien. We were starving and extremely excited knowing that it was one of the best restaurants in Tyre. The people were very welcoming and the food was tasty and different. Everyone used the terms “weird and different” to describe the exotic fattoush we tasted there. All in all, the food was highly satisfying and simply delicious!


Dar Camelia & Dar Alma

Dar Camelia, associated with Dar Alma, is the newer version of the project. Located in a corner upstairs, Dar Camelia is an ensemble of 8 rooms, including a suite. We took a glimpse at one of the rooms and we were simply amazed by its simplicity. It looked both traditional and modern. Traditional through its Moroccan-inspired look and also modern due to the advanced technologies spotted.

Dar Alma wasn’t too far from Dar Camelia; however, the two hotels are very different. Dar Alma was situated along the seashore and Dar Camelia was located along the little souk. Both of them are ideal for a mid-week or weekend getaway with your loved one as you’ll find peace and relaxation.

Cloud 59

Cloud 59 is located along Tyre’s marvelous and well-known public beach. Before getting to Cloud 59, you pass by over 48 tents. Once you’ll get there, you’ll settle into one of their chill and funky seating areas. The ambiance and you can even enjoy some drinks with your friends and simply relax. If you ever wish to dip in crystal water, Cloud 59 is the place to go!


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