Agate Daw Ring

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Daw collection | Light in arabic. The world without light has no heartbeat. Each one of us carries this light ” Suitable as a gift for the loved ones in your life, this simple yet unique ring could make fantastic keepsake jewelry for every woman. Before any order, kindly download the ring sizer to adjust the ring on your size. Check out the rest of Cynthia Raffoul’s Collection for more distinctive designs. If out of stock, it needs 4 working days to be executed. A handmade piece.

Pink gold, 18 karats, ring set with agate

-All size available upon order


Cynthia Raffoul

Trained as a fashion designer Cynthia Raffoul worked for several years in the apparel industry before jumping into jewelry design. After honing her fashion skills under the watchful eyes of Rabih Keyrouz and Alain Mikli, an acquaintance asked her to design a jewelry piece for them. The designer found herself charmed by the timelessness of the industry she had just discovered. From that point on Raffoul fully dedicated herself to the fine jewelry industry. She opened her own shop in 2009 and aspires to create items that are the extension of their buyer’s affinities and personality.

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