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Cedar wood scented candle

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Cedar wood scented candle.

Exclusively developed for Levantine by the Swiss fragrance industry leader, this scent was designed from a sample of cedar seeds collected from the historical Cedars forest of Bsharri, Lebanon.
The fragrance oil is mixed in a professional graded wax blend, widely used for luxury brand owners, to provide a premium finish and a strong scent throw.


Glass, Wax, Fragrance oil

Size :

Box 80x80x97mm

Weight :

220g candle


White and Warm Grey

Non refundable  nor exchangeable item 


Levantine was created through the collaboration of two women who wanted to develop something that portrays their love for their country, Lebanon.They chose to tell, in a sensorial journey through scents, the story of their region, the Levant. Their challenge was to provide a product that can meet high standards of design and quality, while applying a customer centered pricing strategy.

Designed in a manner that compliments each home style, the vessels are homegrade glass containers and all material meet the European Union regulations.
With heart and soul, Levantine candles are hand poured in their workshop located in Mount Lebanon.

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