Baalbeck White Gold Classic

2,200.00 $

Classics are classics for a reason.

Karma built this ring on a micro scale using details from Baalbeck’s architectural elements; and added a little filigree ornamentation to beautify this little structure.This model became known as the “Classic”.

*SPF 50 on your face, it’s a must take to the beach kind of item, if not for the style statement then for the tan lines (they’re magical).

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Karma Salman

Karma Salman found her love for jewelry in her school days. She graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the LAU in Beirut before specializing in Jewelry Design at the GIA London.
Her main inspiration came from architectural shapes and objects.
The brand KARMA attracts creativity from established handmade jewelry expertise, and with a modern mindset, is developed with a modern twist. The result is revealing, enduring, and edgy.

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