Baalbeck Yellow Gold Light Blue Stone Ring

3,000.00 $

Add a little twist to your finger party with our colored stones. Also, we know they look like candy but unfortunately they’re not edible.

Dentist equipment is used to cut and carve out our stones with this much precision (yes, we love to think/work out of the box!).

We advise you to mix and match the rings with a Baalbeck Classic.

Some combinations are not available in photos but we trust your imagination and we’ll make it happen.

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Karma Salman

Karma Salman found her love for jewelry in her school days. She graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the LAU in Beirut before specializing in Jewelry Design at the GIA London.
Her main inspiration came from architectural shapes and objects.
The brand KARMA attracts creativity from established handmade jewelry expertise, and with a modern mindset, is developed with a modern twist. The result is revealing, enduring, and edgy.

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