Babyhood Burp Pillows By Mira Hayek


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EAT, BURP, SLEEP, DREAM assorted babyhood pillows designed and crafted by MIRAHAYEK, perfect to decorate a kids’ room.

Assameh Birth and Beyond

BECAUSE ALL PREMATURE BABIES SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO THE QUALITY HEALTHCARE THEY DESERVE! ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond is an NGO that rehabilitates pediatric centers in public hospitals across Lebanon. It aims at providing first class medical care to premature babies and children for a fraction of the cost. To date, ASSAMEH has helped save hundreds of children’s lives at their first care facility: The Carlos Slim Pediatrics Center in the Governmental Hospital of Karantina. It hopes to grow and extend this opportunity to many more families who are much in need of such services. The Baby Shower Collection for ASSAMEH Birth & Beyond is crafted with love by a group of talented Lebanese designers to help build awareness and raise funds for this initiative. Proceeds of your purchase will go towards saving more children’s lives!

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