Belly Ruby Recycled Blown Glass

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Dhalu Beirut

Steph & Claude. A mother-daughter collaboration to join generations of love for design and great taste. ⁠⁠ Dhalu Beirut is a small local business that emerged in times of hardships. It was initiated by myself, Stephanie Gemayel and my mother, Claude. Our aim is to gather broken pieces of Lebanon and create beauty out of it.

We specialize in blown glass production, a business that dates back hundreds of years in Lebanon. Amid all the crises, this business is suffering. Therefore, we thought we could revitalize this sector through making art. At Dhalu, every piece is handcrafted and takes 7 hours to be produced, stands uniquely and has its own characteristics.

Our products are not only unique, but are also produced from recycled glass, recently mainly coming from the unfortunate Beirut Blast.

We are in the pursuit of happiness, and we want you aboard!!

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