Box of 9 Different Teas

by Thea



This beautiful wooden box contains 9 different types of loose tea sachets:

– Mélange Rose Bonbon (“Pink candy” mix): An acidulated and fruity infusion

– Soleil des Tropiques (“Tropical Sun”): A coconut and caramel flavored blue-green tea (Oolong)

– Ô Spa: A relaxing, soft and zesty white tea

– Songe de Shéhérazade (“Scheherazade’s Dreams”): A delicate, spicy and woody black tea

– Thé Des Nounours (Tea for Teddies): A sweet, fruity and chocolaty infusion for kids to enjoy!

– Nectar Champêtre (“Country Nectar”): A floral, delicate and soft black tea

– Métisse de Bourbon: A soft, acidulated and vanilla flavored green tea

– Sillages du Cachemire (“Kashmir Trails”): A spiced, sweet and woody black tea prepared following the Indian tea ritual

– Les Routes de la Soie (“The Silk Roads”): A round, zesty and robust black tea prepared following the Russian tea ritual

It makes the perfect gift when invited for a dinner reception!


Théa is the place to be for all tea lovers & connoisseurs.


At Théa, we offer over 50 varieties of teas, served in unique tableware in accordance with 6 different rituals, added to the exclusive Théa’s creations and accessories essential to prepare tea.

We are also proud of having the Matcha’s special machine, needed to prepare drinks with Matcha. Very rare in the world, this machine can be found in Lebanon exclusively at Théa.

Théa now delivers the best teas according to the rituals of the world right at your doorstep. Experience the great teas coming from exceptional lands carefully selected by Théa.

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