Color Palette

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This amazing toy is the perfect introduction to colors thanks to its simple form of learning. This toy is designed to teach your child new skills. It will help your child recognize, identify and match colors. Children can recognize the colors before actually being able to name them. So frequently, name the colors you see within the activity while trying every time to focus on one at a time. Color recognition is a gradual process. Children will grasp the concept when ready. Skills development: This toy will allow the child to build visual perception and thinking skills as well as memory skills. Children can also work their fine motor skills when picking up the balls and putting them back at the right place. Counting skills also can be learnt for older children. Developing the imagination of the children is also in motion with this toy, while playing with it as an open ended toy the child can imagine the balls being rocks inside the jungle or plums inside the kitchen or even tiny planets in a spatial game. Age: This cognitive skill can be learnt whenever your child is ready. It is usually the case at 18 months plus when the child is able to grasp the concept of colors. Older children can also use this board to acquire counting skills and for open ended play.


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