Damask Rose Soap Bar

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Weight: 112 grams
Description: The Damask Rose soap has an impressive astringent and toning effect on the
cells. The queen of the flowers is recognised by its soothing and brightening properties.
How to use:
· Lather between hands with water, and apply generously to face, body and hands.
· Rub against your palms for 20 seconds.
· Gentle enough to use daily.
Ingredients: Pure olive oil, Damask rose essential oil, Aqua, Sodium hydroxide.
Story: The journey starts with the humble but mighty olive tree, dating back to more than 300
years, rooted in the beautiful southern hills of Lebanon, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
· Each soap is uniquely handcrafted in the small village of Lebaa, using Lebanese olive
oil and infused with rich and exquisite essential oil for direct skin and mind benefit.


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