Easter Candle


  • Anchor Candle
  • Blue Heart Candle
  • Blue Rabbit Candle
  • Boat Steering Wheel Candle
  • Football Candle
  • Green Ribbon Rainbow Candle
  • Grey Heart Candle
  • Horse Candle
  • Pink Heart Candle
  • Pink Ribbon Rainbow Candle
  • Rabbit with Green Ears Candle
  • Star Candle
  • Sun Candle
  • White Flower Candle
  • White Heart Candle
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Anchor Candle, Blue Heart Candle, Blue Rabbit Candle, Boat Steering Wheel Candle, Football Candle, Green Ribbon Rainbow Candle, Grey Heart Candle, Horse Candle, Pink Heart Candle, Pink Ribbon Rainbow Candle, Rabbit with Green Ears Candle, Star Candle, Sun Candle, White Flower Candle, White Heart Candle

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A unique candle for your child this Easter. Pick your candle from the collection online.

Delivery : These Candles are Handmade, thus they are not in stock. It will take 2-3 Working days to be delivered after receiving your order


Driven by the desire to create something of her own, Mellow, the brainchild of Guilda Khoury, was born on a soul-searching trip when she randomly came across organic cotton and fell in love with its feel. Back in Beirut, Guilda launched her brand of organic cotton home accessories, and a colorful explosion of soft happiness spread across town. For Guilda, inspiration is her clients’ smile when cuddling under Mellow covers, or a mother and child’s delight when wearing matching summer wraps. Wanting to bring comfort and joy to everyone, what she enjoys the most is brainstorming for gift ideas, whether it be putting together soaps and towels for someone’s bathroom, or designing custom made party trinkets for children’s birthdays.

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