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Chain Length 40cm, Width 9cm.


18 Carats Gold Plated Brass, Concrete.

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7 working days.


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The ESSENCE necklace, from our PRESENT CATHEDRAL collection, is handcrafted from 18 carats gold-plated brass embellished with concrete.

Inspired from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Florence, Italy

A progressive journey culminating in a feeling of enchantment in the essence of the Dome‭. ‬Its outer layered structure harmoniously compressed in its milieu‭, ‬brings our second collection to life‭.

Talar Manoukian

By evoking nature, art and human creations in her voyage around the world, TALAR MANOUKIAN embraces the sentiments of her surroundings, particularly human-made spaces – soulfully sharing tales, harmoniously echoing healing and tangibly expressing human emotion – to create contemporary jewelry pieces with modern and minimal aesthetics.

Our essence translates in the refined craftsmanship of our product, shaped from recycled brass, plated with reprocessed gold and completed with pure concrete. Once dressed, the unique, timeless piece potentiates a personal journey of intimate experiences, reflecting a measure of the wearer’s personality.

Our values expand with an eco-friendly packaging made from linen to delicately carry your jewelry.

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