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In Beirut, We find beauty in The chaos. On each block, where new and old intertwine, a vibrant
story emerges from the chaos of the city. This story is captured in the sketches adorning products
by Celine Teyrouz.
Print Size: 210×297 mm (A4)
Unframed Prints Available In Different Sizes


Celine Teyrouz designs luxurious spaces for a modern world.
A Beirut native, the Lebanese Canadian interior architect and sketch artist draws inspiration from urban environments.
Her projects transform interiors into bright, minimalistic oases that exist in harmony with the chaotic cities surrounding them.
Dedicated to the creative process of design, Celine begins all her work by freehand sketching a detailed and technical vision, always with a hint of whimsy as she brings her unique touch to each project.

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