Grey Floral Mask

11.00 $rate 1$ = 4000LL


  • Floral print in tones of Grey and White.

All our masks are made of two layers top quality 100% cotton. We provide with each mask a fabric filter that can be inserted in the pocket for extra protection. 
With every mask purchased, another one goes to charity.
Our masks are reversible, washable and sustainable.


Ursula Draghi is a brand that initially makes Bespoke Shirts.
We’re currently sewing protective face masks made of our 100% cotton fabric; a fun Mix and Match of colorful and patterned fabric.
Protect yourself to protect others. This is why with every purchase of a mask, we’re donating another one for charity.
Our washable masks are made of two layers of fabric and an additional fabric filter to be added in the pocket for extra protection. They are sustainable and reusable.

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