Lava Ring 1


  • Black Ring, Blue Lava
  • Black Ring, Green Lava
  • Black Ring, White Lava
  • Black Ring, Yellow Lava
  • White Ring, Blue Lava
  • White Ring, Green Lava
  • White Ring, White Lava
  • White Ring, Yellow Lava


Made from oxidized sterling silver combined with either colored semi-precious lava stones, every lava ring is as unique as their individual wearer. These pieces’ natural tones make them pairable with any outfit. If you like stackable rings you should also have a look at the Oval Rings.

Roula Dfouni

Growing up in Mtein, Roula Dfouni found refuge in Mother Nature’s big, beautiful embrace. The greenery that surrounded her turned into concrete walls when she joined the business world as an adult. Yet, her knack for creating accessories was a calling that she could not shake off. Bit by bit she found herself drifting farther and farther away from the rigid laws of commerce and back into what came more naturally. Today, Roula pays homage to what inspired her internal growth and sense of freedom through a range of organic jewelry designs.

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