Ocean Breeze Bracelet

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A perfect gift in any occasion.

Dina B.

Hand-crafted and unique jewelry pieces from timeless stones and metals. Bold and daring pieces made by Dina, a Lebanese fanatic who chose to master her passion for jewelry. It started in 2009, when she joined New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology – birthplace of some of the world’s best designers – to study fabrics, fashion, and everything in between. Upon her return to Lebanon, she launched her brand, Dina B., working with a unique combination of metals and Semi-precious stones.
Dina was pursuing further courses in jewelry design, gemology, matrix, wax carving, silver smithing, gold smithing and brass smithing.
Infatuated by the world of stones, she enrolled herself at the Gemology Institute of America (GIA), earning a world-class diploma in the Applied Jewelry Professional Program, as well as a valuable certificate in Diamond and Colored Stones Grading.
Dina B. has been enthusiastically received across several retail outlets and exhibitions in Lebanon and the UAE, and has recently joined the list of designer brands on international websites, offering designs from all metal types and for varying budgets, as well as the choice of customized orders.

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