On Intimacies

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‘on intimacies’, by Karen Sayegh, is a collection of contemporary poetic prose encapsulating some elements of her current soft-spoken understanding on wisdom, inner life, art and science. Karen attempts to give back to the word ‘intimacy’ its very own glory, essence, wholeness, legitimacy, caliber; its own sublime magnetic breadth and depth.

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The debut author escorts the reader into a set of contemplative human experiences, inner lands and inner nectar to explore, embody and ultimately harmonize, even ambitiously align the fabric of the heart, body, mind and soul. She also chaperones the reader into a daring state of bold active surrender and receptivity.

Karen encourages and facilitates an opening process towards our many facets of self-intimacies to creatively engage in and flirt with, while breathing rhythmically throughout her words and silences. While settling and immersing into every page, the reader is invited to embrace some new notions, levels, depths and dimensions of humanity and inner expansive hyper-realities.

As a pharmacist, Karen created and designed a book as a balancing literary artistic medicine; a combined portal and compass of freedom, health, love, growth and beauty.

Karen Sayegh

Karen Sayegh, is a Lebanese-French-Argentinian Pharmacist with a Specialized Master in Medical Marketing and a competitive background in athletics. She has solid experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Paris and retail pharmacy in Beirut. Her interest, commitment, passion and curiosity for Wellbeing, the Holistic approach to Health and Wealth, Personal Growth and Creativity grew over the past years thanks to a very regular practice of Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and Ayurvedic Holistic Medicine. ‘on intimacies’ is her tribute to the artist and scientist in her.

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