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Dress up your feet with this delightful grey pearls toe anklet; the perfect accessory to be paired with any summer sandal.
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*This item is sold as a pair, one for each foot.


Pearlicious, the brain child of Ghada Koleilat, was a result of a dream pursuit, blended with remarkable talent. Fashion jewelry has always been Ghada’s calling, as she personalized every piece of accessory she ever bought, until she decided to start designing new pieces from scratch. By the time she designed the 6th necklace, she knew that she wanted to get her message across through art. Ghada aims to empower women by making Pearlicious a way for them to express themselves. Her pieces are high quality fashion jewelry made of real pearls, Swarovski rocks and grade A crystals. Before the launch of any collection, Ghada would just sit in a coffee shop observing passersby and compiling ideas from whatever caught her attention. She believes that every person has a unique touch of style, and we couldn’t agree more!

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