Handmade Parallel Cord Basket

by GJ

50.00 $


The Parallel Cord Basket, handmade from Palm Leaves is a great summer bag. It’s the perfect size for your towel, sunscreen, and all your beach day essentials!

They are foldable which makes them perfect for traveling!

Comes with customizable handle.

Material : Palm Leaves , Handmade – Soft and Light

Color : Natural Straw

Size : Medium

Length : 32 more or less. Artisanal / no one item identical to the other

Width : 50 more or less. Artisanal / no one item identical to the other



It all came to life when Gigi visited Carthage again after 20 years. It felt as if she never left this jasmine scented city. As she lost herself in the labyrinths of the souks, she became inspired by the authenticity and simplicity of whatever she saw and set her mind into carrying some of its charm back to Beirut. Her fascination was relayed to Joumana, who went on a second trip with Gigi only to find herself mesmerized as well…and so a story began.

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