Ruffle Shirt Blazer

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For an amazing and irresistible look, pair this jacket with your favorite pants for maximum effect.


Ghada Azouri Rizk is an artist who has graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. After graduating, she discovered her love for canvas painting and began as an artist at an early age. Many years later, she decided to pursue a career in Fashion design in parallel, and launched her own clothing line Frock in 2015. She began designing her own line of women’s clothing. Her daughter Nour Rizk, with a degree in Political Science, found a love for fashion as well and decided to join the Frock business and dedicate herself fully. Together, mother and daughter, each one gives an input and insight on what women of today, of older and younger ages, are looking for. Located in the heart of Mar Mikhael, Frock is a boutique with products that ranges from a wide variety of day wear and evening tops, pants and jackets. With edgy structures, textiles and fabrics, Frock aims to convey a consistent overall brand image of elegance, simplicity and confidence for the modern woman. All of Frock’s products are locally made and hand made.

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