Salam Mindfulness Box LTD ED

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That’s peace or hello. This mindfulness box aims to transport you to a state of inner safety, prosperity and peace of mind.

Inside the Box:

  • Balance Hand & Body Wash – 300ml: A generous hand & body wash formula with skin softening and nourishing ingredients, that gently emulsify and remove dirt while leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Herbal and citrus essential oils contain antioxidants that leave skin looking radiant and refreshed while providing uplifting properties. 
  • Rose Aloe Hydrating Mist – 150ml: The Rose Aloe Hydrating Mist combines the magical powers of Aloe Vera with the cooling effect of Rose Hydrosol. Made with locally grown roses, this refreshing mist is a multifunctional product that tones, regenerates, and moisturizes the skin while helping to enhance your mood.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil – 5ml: Tea Tree is known for it purifying properties. Tea tree helps with skin irritations and may act as an all-purpose cleaner due to its disinfectant properties. Adding a few drops to a diffuser freshens the air.
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Potion kitchen is a clean beauty brand committed to creating conscious personal care products that help individuals feel good in their skin. We aim to provide you with plant-based formulas that are rooted in science and that respect the environment while being made with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. Potion Kitchen thrives to encourage self-love and healthy living as well as mental well-being “

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