Shark Necklace

by TMR
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  • Oxydized Black
  • Silver
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Your jewelery says a lot about who you are, and this one works especially well when paired with the simplest clothes. Moulded from a an actual prehistoric shark tooth in 925 Silver, this unisex artisan-crafted amulet has a contrasting matte and polished finish and it embodies fierceness, determination and adaptability.


Available in 3 finishes. Adjustable leather necklace up to 60 cm. Tooth measure 2 cm x 3 cm.


As the Managing Editor of Official Bespoke and host of The Men’s Room podcast, designer Nadia Michel is intimately connected with the Middle East’s most influential people and their projects. The brand is designed with them in mind, made for a productive and inspired lifestyle.

TMR is designed for both men and women, who walk side-by-side in this modern world, and it is meant to showcase Lebanon’s tradition of fine craftsmanship. It is entirely made in Beirut by local artisans, using honest materials like solid 925 silver, leather and natural stones.

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