Socks Amar

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  • Adults' size fits most (around 36-42 European)
  • Kids' size fit most (around 25-35 European)
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Beautifully made statement socks. “Amar” literally means to the moon, and which means beautiful or shining like the moon.

Adults’ size fits most (around 36-42 European)

Kids’ size fits most (around 25-35 European)


Luanatic, the Lebanese slang visual artist surely changed our perception of our native Lebanese language. Luana el Turk, the designer behind Luanatic, lived abroad for a while and that’s when she realized that very few people where able to pick up on the Lebanese slang. Seeing how special that was, she decided to have fun by mixing quirky illustrations with Lebanese idioms. And Luanatic was born! She gave our slogans a whole new meaning of funky and hip, she made it more present in our daily lives by having it printed on mugs, bags, wooden posters, wall stickers and greeting cards. We certainly are proud of our weird and unusual vocabulary and can definitely have a few laughs about ourselves.

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