The Beau Rivage Dress



Our ‘Beau Rivage’ dress features our signature ‘waves’ fabric-manipulation technique, making it size-free and easily adaptable to any body shape. Its ruffled hem and bust is paired with wide straps hanging gracefully on the shoulders. The ‘Beau Rivage’ will dress you up effortlessly, and is a perfect day-to-night outfit.
-Made to fit all Sizes


Vanina is a social enterprise that grew out of a common passion between childhood friends Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek to become a lifestyle label, presenting seasonal collections of jewelry, accessories, and apparel; all proudly handcrafted in Lebanon. Beneath their light and playful glamor, the Vanina products hide a passionately engaged activism that aims to promote local community development through the valorization of craftsmanship and environmental awareness.

What we couldn’t resist sharing:  Vanina was the Winner of the 2018 Eluxe Awardsfor the best natural and organic brand of 2017-2018.

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