White Porcelain Tea Set

by Thea
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A white porcelain tea set composed of 1 teapot and 4 tea cups.

Théa - Maison du Café

Espace Théa & La Maison du Café is the place to be for all tea and coffee lovers & connoisseurs.


Indulge in a world full of delicious scents and aromas where Coffee and Tea finally make peace in the same relaxing environment.

Choose from over 50 varieties of delicate teas and coffee, added to the exclusive Théa’s creations and accessories essential to prepare tea or coffee.

We are also proud of having the Matcha’s special machine, needed to prepare drinks with Matcha. Very rare in the world, this machine can be found in Lebanon exclusively at Théa.

We now deliver the best of both worlds right at your doorstep. 

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