The All Time Lebelik Classics!

Lebelik is a family that celebrates innovation;

  Traditions that mix & match with new trends;

Emerging creative designers;

Love of craftsmanship;

With over 100 Lebanese designers to date, Lebelik is proudly and happily home of Lebanon’s most talented designers with around 2500 items across a versatile range of products.

Let’s start with our classics, follow up by celebrating our emerging designers and design and end up in style by locating and discovering future members of our forever growing family.

Through it all, we always had a heart warming crush for our old Time Lebelik classics which represent the products we launched our website with and are today, what we call our ” Timeless Pieces”

So many more products to showcase with you, on a weekly basis on our blog platform.



This statement clutch is miniature version of the traditional Mediterranean backgammon board, and is a true manifestation of exquisite traditional craftsmanship. It showcases a centuries-old technique called marquetry where pieces of different types of wood are applied to a wood veneer to form mosaics, decorative patterns, and geometric shapes. A pair of solid metal bronze-colored dice that serves as claps which adds the perfect finishing touch.

The clutch includes a small separate leather cardholder.
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Gold Khaizaran Cuff



A mix of oriental and contemporary design,  inspired by everyday objects that can be found in traditional Lebanese homes and by the designer’s childhood summers spent in the mountains of Lebanon.

A stylish Cuff that can be paired with any outfit in any occasion.
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Created by Joe Arida, “La Terre est folle” was launched through the designer’s love for fabrics. Abayas are  mostly inspired by Yves Saint Laurent but also by the madness of the world, his travels, Beirut’s character, mythology, nature, people and strong women.

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 Beirut Sneakers

by Boho


Beirut sneakers embody the bohemian chic lifestyle.

Quick anecdote! Rania Tueni-Gebara, creative director of the shoe brand, gave birth to Boho when she realized that her wedding’s location would be problematic for her female guest; seeing as it was located on the top of a steep hill. She then provided the guests with comfy leather sandal that she designed. To her surprise, her problem-solving designs turned out to be a huge hit and everyone was asking more! And here we are sharing with you her latest.

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Luanatic, the Lebanese slang visual artist surely changed our perception of our native Lebanese language. Luana el Turk, the designer behind Luanatic, lived abroad for a while and that’s when she realized that very few people where able to pick up on the Lebanese slang. Seeing how special that was, she decided to have fun by mixing quirky illustrations with Lebanese idioms. And Luanatic was born! She gave our slogans a whole new meaning of funky and hip, she made it more present in our daily lives by having it printed on mugs, bags, wooden posters, wall stickers and greeting cards. We certainly are proud of our weird and unusual vocabulary and can definitely have a few laughs about ourselves.

More Products from Luanatic

So many more products to showcase with you, on a weekly basis on our blog platform.

Let’s start with our classics, follow up by celebrating our emerging designes and help us locate and search for the future members of our forever growing family


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