The Oriental Woman

We, as Lebanese women, are unique creatures, sometimes hard to understand, often easy to love, and hopefully always agreeable to sit with.


And when I say this, I am often asked to elaborate on it… So here I am trying to give words to feeling I have felt or moments I witnessed.


I started developing this fascination for oriental women when I noticed we drink Arabic coffee in espresso cups and then turn it to read the fortune inside it, when I saw with which persistence we defend civil marriages, only to often favour a religious one and when I saw my mother encouraging us to experience the world knowing how anxious she feels when we do.


We, Lebanese women, are scared of loneliness and still would teach the young ones to be fulfilled alone. We like our men to love us as we are and would still go out of our ways to please them. We sometimes still get mad at our parents for being too present, only to show up the next morning for a tender moment over a yummy breakfast.


The Lebanese mothers worry when the ones she loves take the plane and still don’t miss one occasion to encourage them to see the world.


We scream at our best friend for mistakes she made, and are always here to help fix them.

Most of the Lebanese women I know, cannot make up their minds whether or not they love dogs. They are still debating if they should indulge in that knefe or just forget about it.


We go out a lot at night only to come back home and say “khay” while sitting on the couch.


I do not blame men when they find it difficult to understand us or even sometimes a bit too opinionated; nor am I surprised when they find it as tough to replace us.

We, Lebanese women, put a lot of heart into the things we do!

Many of those around me often want to look “trendy, like everyone else, just different”. Go figure =).


We are modern in the way we live, and traditional in the way we love.

We are independent in our minds and a team player in our families.


The Lebanese woman’s big beautiful eyes are always full of compassion to those in need, her soft voice and big mouth will sometimes let go of unwanted gossips, but mostly will whisper encouraging words to herself and those around her. Her perfectly manicured hands and open arms will hug all the littles ones that will jump on her.


She is easy to spot, not just because of how she looks, smells or smiles, but thanks to that little look in her eye that beautifully balances her love for her heritage and her excitement for what her modern mind can accomplish.


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